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Crime and mystery

Dog Who Knew Too Much

Quinn, Spencer

To Fetch A Thief

Quinn, Spencer

Gypsy in Amber

Smith, Martin Cruz


Martinez-Fortun, AC

After the Auction

Frank, Linda

Small Town Trouble

Erhardt, Jean

Second Violin

Lawton, John

Visions of Time

Brown, Peter

Whistle in the Dark

Caretti, Lisa

Crack in the Code

Behardien, John

Dreams Made Flesh

Bishop Anne

Dissection of Murder

Young Felicity

Vineyard Shadows

Craig, Philip R.

Truth Hurts

Pickard, Nancy

Take the Bait

Hubbard, S.W.

Angel Cafe

Morrow, Jill

Bertie and the Tinman

Lovesey, Peter