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Classic horror and ghost stories


Reed, Rick R

Canterville Ghost

Oscar Wilde

First Hate & Other Stories

Algernon Blackwood

Frankenstein: The Legacy

Schildt, Christopher

Faces of Fear

Graham Masterton, Masterton

Fortnight of Fear

Graham Masterton, Masterton

Gateway to Hell

Dennis Wheatley, Wheatley

Blue World

McCammon, Robert

Driving Mr. Dead

Harper, Molly

Awaken the Curse

Egan, Alexa

Haunted Hills

Manning, Taylor


Blackwood, Algernon

More Ghost Stories

James, M. R.

Tropic of Darkness

Richards, Tony

Cold Iron

McDermott, D.L.

Beneath and Beyond

Claudette Cleveland

Curse of Bound Blood

Alannah Carbonneau