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Historical fiction

Shelter from the Storm

Rice, Patricia

View From Rampart Street

Widmer, Mary Lou


Fast, Howard


Jakes, John

Bold Frontier

Jakes, John


Buck, Pearl S.

Six-Gun Caballero

Hubbard, L. Ron

Prisoner of Zenda

Hope, Anthony

Moon of Israel

Haggard, H. Rider

Mississippi Bubble

Hough, Emerson

Two Admirals

Cooper, James Fenimore

Lancashire Witches

Ainsworth, William Harrison

Little Duke

Yonge, Charlotte Mary


Haggard, H. Rider

Heart Of The Hills

Fox Jr., John

Nebuly Coat

Falkner, J. Meade

Torvig's Gift

Rayner, Keith


Grey, Anthony

Do You Remember Me?

Pierre Delerive