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Earth Sciences and Geography

Earth Science and Human History 101

Rogers, John J.W.; Tucker, Trileigh L. (Patricia)

Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems

Aster, Richard C.; Borchers, Brian; Thurber, Clifford H.

Environmental Magnetism

Evans, Mark; Heller, Friedrich

Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics

Marshall, John; Plumb, R. Alan

Earth System Science

Jacobson, Michael; Charlson, Robert J.; Rodhe, Henning; Orians, Gordon H.

Encyclopedia of Volcanoes

Sigurdsson, Haraldur; Houghton, Bruce; Rymer, Hazel; Stix, John; McNutt, Steve

Last Stand: Protected Areas and the Defense of Tropical Biodiversity

Kramer, Randall; Schaik, Carel van; Johnson, Julie



Earth Machine

Mathez, Edmond A.; Webster, James D.