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Island Wars

  • By: Evans, Michael
  • Publisher: Down East Books
  • Imprint: Down East Books
  • Published Date: 07 Dec 2012
  • eBook ISBN: 9781608932320
  • Print ISBN:
  • Pages: 210
  • Format available: PDF or EPUB
  • Format selected:
  • Language: English Edition
  • Price in AUD:13.90

Island Wars originally appeared on and ran for roughly three months, emulating in the real time the passage of time in the book. It chronicles the daily exploits of Donovan Graham, a recent college graduate whose first assignment as a newspaper reporter is to cover the escalating border dispute playing out between the United States and Canada on an island off the Maine coast. By the end of the summer, Donovan has become quite ensconced amid the quirky residents of Grand Seal Island. And the resolution of the dispute will have a greater impact on him than he knows. Each chapter represents a daily blog post and fictional comments at the end of most chapters enhance both the story and the sensation of reading an Internet post.

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