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Our FAQs answer the questions we commonly get asked. For any additional information, please contact us directly.

Registration and personal information

To place any orders with us, you will first need to register to create an account. To do this, simply click on ‘Sign In/Join’ at the top right hand side of the page, click on "Register here" and enter your name, contact number (optional) and email address. You will need to set a password so that we can remember you and your profile the next time you log in.

And finally, you will need to acknowledge you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions that apply when you access, browse or buy eBooks from our site.

From time to time, we may revise and update these terms so it’s important you review this information periodically and prior to any future online purchases you make with us.

Creating an account helps us to provide you with a positive customer experience. Our site uses Cookies, which are small text files that are stored on your computer. Cookies use some of the information you provide when you create an account with us. This information helps us to remember you when you return to our Site and also with Web navigation.

Creating an account also allows you to easily keep track of any Wishlist(s) you’ve created and view the transaction history of any eBooks you’ve purchased.

Our general policy is to only ask for the personal information we need and to use it only for the stated or obvious purposes for which it was collected. We may be required to share this information with another business subsidiary in order for us to provide the eBookstore services offered on this Site.

We may also disclose summary information to third parties about information you have provided to use our site however we will not disclose your personal information to anyone else without your prior consent. The only exception is where we need to disclose this information in order to comply with relevant laws or if we are required to do so in legal proceedings.

Ebooks’r’us fully complies with all applicable Australian data protection legislation.
Ebooks’r’us encrypts all personal information submitted to our server via industry-standard SSL.

Click on ‘Sign In/Join’ at the top right hand side of the page and enter your email address and password.

Click on the ‘Hi ____’ message (where it shows your first name) and then choose ‘My Account Details’ to update your personal information.


An eBook is an electronic book or digital book. An eBook is available in digital format rather than print format which means it can be accessed on computers, tablets and many mobile and dedicated eReaders and smart devices. It consists of both text and images.

We offer you the option to choose whether you’d like your eBook in either an Adobe PDF or an ePublication format (ePub).

ePub is an eBook open standard defined by the International Digital Publishing Forum. It is based on XHTML and XML. ePub allows digital content to be optimised and customised for both large displays like your desktop computer or small screens like a smartphone. It is a popular choice for eBooks because it allows ‘flowing text’ and suits all types of computers and devices.

PDF or Portable Document Format was originally created by Adobe to provide a standard file format for storing and editing printable documents. PDF documents typically present the eBook in its original layout and visual formatting. These files can be read on a variety of computer and platform types however files are generally larger in size. This means the text may sometimes not adjust well if the device you are using has a smaller screen such as a tablet or smart phone.

eBooks usually provide comparable content to the print book version however depending on the format you choose and the PC or device you are reading the eBook on, it may look different to a print book.

In some isolated cases, content may not appear as it should within the eBook copy. This can happen because of copying challenges during the conversion process as the book content can include many formats such as written text, intensive media such as colours or graphs/illustrations or complex content such as scientific or mathematical formulae.

From time to time, some of the images available in the print book version may not be available in the eBook version due to the copyright restrictions of the publisher.

Our publishing partners work hard to ensure that eBooks are of high quality however, if you identify problems with the content, please contact us to outline your concern and we will do our best to rectify the issue.


Low cost - in most cases, eBooks are cheaper than print books

Easy access - eBooks provide 24/7 access - anyplace, anywhere, anytime either - on or offline

Instantly available - Unlike print books, eBooks don’t get caught up in the mail or run out of stock

Quick to download - on average it takes only 2-4 minutes

Multiple devices - Accessible across multiple devices including your laptop, tablet and smartphone

Free software - ebook reader software is free and easy to download from the internet

Unique functionality - Search by keyword, make highlights and add your own annotations

Lightweight - Portable and won’t weigh you down. A typical tablet carries thousands of eBooks

Easy to organise - Create and organise your own eBook library

Eco-friendly - eBooks are paperless, giving you a greener reading experience

Flexible reading - Customise your experience with your preferred fonts and colours, making reading more enjoyable

eBooks are evolving - Technology advancements allowing for new features to be implemented

Easy to use - in an electronic learning environment

Access and Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) allows publishers to prevent unauthorized reproduction of their books. It includes the copy and print rules that have been set by each of the publishers.

All of the eBooks available to buy on our site are DRM protected before they are sent to you. This means that there are some security controls built into the downloaded eBook which prevent copyright infringements such as excessive copying or printing.

Each eBook will have its own DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection which has been set by the publishers to prevent any unauthorised reproduction of their book titles. The restrictions will vary by individual publishers and will generally limit the number of pages that can be copied or printed from an eBook. Most publishers allow a reasonable amount of printing and copying. Further information about the security settings including the print and copy restrictions is shown on the full record page for each eBook. We recommend you review this information prior to completing your eBook transaction to make sure this suits what you need.

Important eBook Info

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. An ISBN is a unique number assigned to a specific title by its publisher for tracking and ordering purposes. Publishers, retailers, libraries, and educational institutions use ISBN's as a way to identify a particular book or eBook and to minimise any confusion about the title, edition or publication year.

Since 2007, ISBNs have contained 13 digits. An ISBN may be assigned to each edition and variation (except re-printings) of a book. For example an eBook, a paperback, and a hardcover of exactly the same title and content will usually all 3 different ISBNs.

If you are unable to find a particular title by performing a search using the ISBN on our site, we suggest you also try to search by title, keyword or author.

Your Adobe ID is the email address you used when you first started an Adobe trial or membership, or purchased an Adobe app or service.

Most eBooks usually contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection which restricts content from being shared with others. By activating each of your devices with the same Adobe ID, you can ensure that any eBooks you order can be used on other compatible devices you own.

IMPORTANT NOTE - if you do not register your other devices with your ADOBE ID details prior to downloading your eBook(s), then your eBooks will be tied to the device that you first downloaded to and you will not be able to be share with other devices you own.

If you have any enquiries, please send us an email prior to downloading your eBook(s).

Getting an Adobe ID is free and is a non-intrusive way that you can be identified. All you need to provide is your name, country and your e-mail address and then set up a password.

If you can’t remember whether you have set one up, we suggest you go to Adobe ID account sign-in and try signing in with your primary email address or another email address that you use. If you don’t have an Adobe ID already, simply click on Create an account on this same page and enter the details requested.

As mentioned, by using the free app from Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) you will be able to access your downloaded eBooks using these Adobe ID credentials. Please note that you need to create an Adobe ID from a web browser.

Once you’ve received confirmation that your Adobe ID set up, you may close the browser and return to ADE and enter the Adobe ID and password you created.

You can find out more about how to download your eBook here.

All you need is your personal computer, eReader, tablet or other portable device such as a smartphone however your eBook will need to be downloaded onto a device which has been authorised with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) using an Adobe ID.

Most eBooks that you purchase online have DRM protections that restrict them illegally being shared with others. If you own multiple devices, this software also helps ensure that your eBooks are not locked on just on one computer. Adobe Digital Editions is a free eBook reader software program that is used for acquiring, managing and reading digital content. It implements DRM and ensures customer authentication through an Adobe ID so you can view your eBook on other compatible devices you own with that ID. ADE is like a virtual bookcase which allows you to create book shelves to arrange your eBooks, just like a library. It will allow you to add, remove or sort books easily. ADE is also required to transfer books between your personal computer and other devices that you own such as an eReader, tablet or smart phone. The DRM will allow you to transfer your eBook content to several other devices on the condition that you ensure these devices are authorised with an ADOBE ID before any eBooks are downloaded. Please note, if you do not register your other devices via ADE prior to downloading your eBook, then your eBooks will be tied to the device that you downloaded it onto and will not be able to be shared with other devices you own.

For further information, we suggest you visit the following pages on the Adobe website.

Getting started with Adobe Digital Editions

Authorizing and de-authorizing Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions FAQs

It is your responsibility to read the Adobe Terms and Conditions and/or Frequently Asked Questions to avoid any disappointment in the future.

In most cases, eBooks purchased from our eBookstore will be able to be read on your personal computer, eReader, tablet or other portable device such as a smartphone. The format you choose depends entirely on personal choice and the computer or device you intend to use for reading your eBook.

The ePub format is compatible with a range of devices including PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets or phones, iPhones, Nooks, Kobo and other eReader devices that support Adobe Digital Editions. Please note – the ePub format is NOT compatible with a Kindle.

The Adobe PDF format is compatible with a range of devices including PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets, Nooks, Sony, Kobo and other eReader devices that support Adobe Digital Editions.Please note – the Adobe PDF format is also NOT compatible with a Kindle.

By purchasing any Digital Content from us, you acknowledge that you understand and agree it is your responsibility to ensure your computer, tablet or smart device meets the minimum system and software specifications required for the eBook to read properly and for the necessary software to work. If you are not sure, we strongly recommend you review the technical specs provided by Adobe for Adobe Digital Editions.

You can share your eBook with several other devices as long as they belong to you and the eBook is only being used for your own individual use. As mentioned, you will only be able to share eBooks to other devices that have been registered with the same Adobe ID prior to the download of your eBook(s).

How to Order

Step 1:

To place an order with us you will need to either join up as a new customer or sign in as an existing customer.

For new customers, a one-time registration is required. To join, simply click on 'Sign In/Join' at the top right hand side of the page, then on 'Register here' and fill in the required details.

For existing customers, click on ‘Sign In/Join’ at the top of the page, then enter your email address and password and click on Sign In.

Step 2:

Search for your ebooks by title, keyword, author or ISBN and select either the PDF or ePub format (where available) then 'Add to Cart'.

Step 3:

You can then either 'Continue Shopping' if you’re still browsing, or click 'Checkout' if you’re ready to place an order.

Complete the Checkout process by entering your promotional code (if applicable) and selecting your payment method.

Step 4:

Read through and agree to the 'terms and conditions' by ticking the acknowledgement box and click on 'Proceed to Payment' to finalise your order.

Provide your credit card details or apply any Wallet balance you may have available.

Step 5:

Once your payment has been processed, click 'My Orders' in the 'My Account' drop down menu. Here you’ll see the details for any eBooks you’ve purchased which can be accessed by clicking ‘Download’ next to the specific title.

Once you’ve downloaded the eBook, it will usually automatically sync with any other devices that you’re registered with the same Adobe ID and should be visible once you’ve logged into Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on that device.

In the event that this has not occurred, simply repeat the download process with each of the devices you’ve registered with the same Adobe ID and you’re all set to go.

If you have any related queries, please send us an email.

For many of our titles, we offer the option to choose whether you’d like the eBook in either an Adobe PDF or ePub format.

Please note, eBooks may not be available for all titles you wish to purchase due to restrictions applied by the publisher and/or the author(s).

The format you choose depends entirely on personal choice and the device or application you intend to use for reading your eBook.

ePub allows you to reflow text no matter what your screen size and to adjust the font size and typeface however the formatting is different to a print book. If you intend to read your eBooks on an eReader/tablet device or a smartphone, then ePub is recommended. However if you intend to use your eBook on your computer and want something that looks similar to the original or scanned pages of a print book then we suggest you choose PDF.

If you have bought your eBook then it is yours to download permanently to your personal computer, eReader, tablet or other portable device such as a smartphone. As outlined in our Terms and Conditions, when you download your eBook, you agree to keep intact all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices.


Our search function allows you to search for a specific book title, ISBN and author. You can use the key word search to search every title in our eBookstore. For example, entering the words ‘Mechanical Engineering’ will bring up every title available on our site that has Mechanical Engineering as a word in the book title and/or its description.

You can also use our extensive Category and Sub Category search to explore our eBook catalogue further by particular subject areas or area of interest.

Media content or supplementary material(s) referenced within the eBook description will may not be available in the eBook version. This means Ebooks'r'us™ does not guarantee to supply supplemental material that may be referenced with the eBook description (e.g. DVDs, CDs, audio capability, lab manuals or access codes).

Prices for eBooks will vary depending on the publisher / supplier, the eBook provider and the different sales agreements that are in place. In many cases, the eBook may be cheaper than the hard copy print version that is available.

In accordance with applicable law, Ebooks’r’us collects the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) levied by the Australian government. Further details relating to the actual amount of the GST are detailed in your price summary, which is provided in the purchase receipt/invoice.

A credit card is only charged if the eBook or Digital Content is available. Items that are no longer available will be removed from our Site and excluded from your processed order and therefore you will not be charged for them. eBooks can be purchased from this Site only if you are currently living and/or studying in Australia and have an Australian credit card.


Once you have registered with us, your eBookstore account should automatically work. A common reason why it might not work the first time is if the passwords you set don’t match. If you are still having problems, please contact usfor further assistance.

Click the ‘Sign In’ link at the top of the screen. Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ where you will be asked to supply your email address. You will receive an email with further instructions to allow you to reset your password.

Items added to cart stay as long as you are signed-in into the site. On logout, the items from the cart are cleared.

If you are having difficulty downloading your eBook, please refer to the relevant instructions below. The instructions differ depending on whether you are using a PC/MAC or a Smartphone/Tablet so you need to ensure you select the option that relates to your device.

How to download your eBook on a PC or MAC - Detailed Instructions

How to download your ebook on an Apple iPhone-iPad or Android Smartphone-Tablet - Detailed Instructions

I am having trouble downloading my eBook. What might be causing this?

There are several common reasons why you might be having problems downloading your eBook. These include:

Connection Errors

If you encounter an error message such as ‘connection error’, ‘IO error’ or ‘error on network request’, it will usually be because the firewall in place may not be allowing you to authenticate the content you are trying to download. You may experience this issue if you are trying to access or download the eBook from a private or office network where firewall restrictions limit access to an external network. To fix this, we recommend you try downloading the eBook from your home or personal network after you have either:

Granted access to the Ebooks’r’us website address on your antivirus program (preferred) or temporarily disabled your antivirus program.

If you are trying to download the eBook on an iPad, tablet or other mobile device after experiencing the above issue, we recommend you restart the device before attempting to download the eBook again.

Minimum hardware requirements

To be able to download your eBook via Adobe Digital Editions, the device you are downloading to must meet minimum system and software specifications. Please refer to the system and software specifications for ADE ( for further details.

If you can no longer access your eBook for one of these reasons, please contact us , providing the details of what has happened and we will try to provide a prompt resolution. However, we strongly recommend you take regular back-ups of the eBooks you have downloaded.

Further information on Adobe Digital Editions can be found here.

Returns info

Our Site is an online bookstore where books are only available in a digital format. We do NOT sell print books.

eBooks are not able to be returned or refunded in the same way as print books can be, so in line with our agreements with book publishers, there is NO cooling off period. eBooks are not able to be returned or refunded, except in certain limited circumstances that may be required under local consumer legislation.

Ebooks’r’us will not refund your eBook if you simply:

  • Did not realise you were purchasing your book in a digital eBook format not a print format;
  • Did not realise there are restrictions on eBook usage;
  • Do not have the right system or software specifications required to access and read your eBook properly; or
  • Did not check the textbook requirements of your unit(s) prior to purchase to ensure the eBook title listed matches the requirements of your curriculum.

It is therefore important you pay close attention to ensure you order the right eBook as well as confirming you understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions before you complete your purchase.